Chapter 9: Hennaed

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Next afternoon, after siesta, Mustafa sent one of the servants to bring me to his quarters.

He pointed to a long narrow table, narrow enough to be a bench if it were not so high. “Undo your choli and lie down here, on your back.”

The servant disappeared and returned with a small pot cradled in a thick towel. I recognized the smell as soon as she entered the room—hot beeswax. What more was there to do to me?

Mustafa pulled up a stool, sat himself down beside me, and pulled aside my loosened choli.

“Ahmad has prepared you well, but I have a small improvement to make.”

Using a small brush dipped in the hot wax, he painted circles around my nipples, carefully leaving the areolas and the nipples unpainted and exposed.

At the snap of his fingers, the servant took away the wax and brought to him another, smaller porcelain pot. “Henna,” he offered by way of explanation. “The dark brown color that comes from this Persian Black will look well against your skin. It will improve the allure of your breasts when you are not rouged. Our Master will favor them darkened.”

Using a wood spatula, he spread the greenish-black paste over my unwaxed areolas and nipples. “It will take some time to give a good rich color.”

The servant stayed with me, occasionally squeezing drops of lemon juice onto the drying henna and smearing the revived paste around with her finger.

Hennaed BreastsAn hour or so later, Mustafa returned and in his usual abrupt manner ordered me to sit up.

Holding a cloth under my breasts, he shook off the curled flakes of dried henna. “Wash them,” he ordered the servant, and with a bowl of cold water and a damp cloth, she removed the last traces of henna, the cold water arousing my nipples nicely. Mustafa peeled off the thin translucent wax masks and lifted my breasts.

“Pretty, very pretty. The color suits you much better than rouge. When they have faded too much I will henna them again.” The servant nodded her approval while giving me a gentle smile.

“Tonight in the great hall show them peeping over your choli, our Master will be pleased with my work.”

Before leaving the room, he instructed the servant. “Show her how to roll down and fold back her choli.”

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